Sharing the Christmas Spirit

The Christmas season is a great time to give back to the community and remember those less fortunate. In a season where gift-giving is prominent, it’s important to remember that not all families have the means to provide gifts for their young ones.

This Holiday Excellence Group is sharing the Christmas spirit by arranging a special party for a childen’s home in Cancun, Mexico. On December 19th, children can expect a very nice surprise at their place; they will have a Christmas party with piñatas, candy, gifts and more!

If you are willing to participate, we very much appreciate if you can bring a Christmas gift for the children before December 15th, 2014. Your hotel concierge at Excellence Playa Mujeres and Excellence Riviera Cancun will be more than happy to assist you with the reception of the gift donation.

Christmas_ToysMany kids would not get any gifts on Christmas morning if it weren’t for the support of their community. Thank you!

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The iconic Catrina in Day of the Dead

Excellence Group:

See why the Catrina (the fancy lady) is such a popular character in the mexican tradition

Originally posted on Beloved Hotels:

Every November 2nd takes place in Mexico the celebration of ‘Día de Muertos‘ (the Day of The Dead). The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to remember and pray for their loved ones who have died.

People go to cemeteries and also builds altars at their homes, containing the favorite food and beverages, as well as photos and memorabilia from the deceased.

The intent is to attract the souls and let them feel the love, hear the prayers and the memories from the living ones…. Nice! Isn’t it?

The CatrinaThe Catrina‘ (The Fancy Lady)  illustration from Jose Guadalupe Posada, has become an icon of the Day of the Dead festivity. Her chapeau originally is related to French and European styles of the early 20th century. She is meant to portray a satirization of those Mexican natives who, Posada felt, were over embracing European traditions of the aristocracy in…

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Travel agents visit Finest Playa Mujeres

Originally posted on Finest Resorts:

A few days ago we had the pleasure to welcome travel specialists from around the world. It was very exciting for us to talk about the project and show the progress of Finest Playa Mujeres construction.

Finest Playa MujeresThis fam trip was organised to provide information on everything Finest Playa Mujeres promises to become, and to ensure to all the travel specialist who already know us from other Excellence Group hotels, that Finest will insist on the hotel group high standards to continue exceeding our mutual clients expectations.

Here you are a few highlights from this brand new hotel:

  • All-Inclusive Luxury for all ages
  • Elegant and modern suites with oversize Jacuzzi
  • Suite features for every taste: swim-up, private pools, decks, rooftops, family suites
  • Finest Club for additional amenities and services
  • Excellence Club for adults-only further elegance
  • 9 international gourmet restaurants
  • 17 bars with top-shelf premium brand liquor
  • 10 swimming pools, plus children…

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How to taste coffee

The most important measure of coffee quality is flavour. For that reason, coffees are assessed for taste at every stage of their journey, most importantly when the coffee is graded in the country of origin and when it is sold in the importing country.

The main aim in cup tasting or “cupping” is to evaluate the coffee objectively and to create a flavour profile based on an established terminology. The basic attributes evaluated are: aroma, flavour, body and acidity.

There are generally three stages in the cupping experience: Smelling the grinds, smelling the brewed coffee from those grinds, and tasting the brewed coffee using spoons. In some instances, you may be provided with a form to record impressions; a dialogue should be open to discuss the samples.

Hola, savings. Adiós, cold weather. Special offers running now!

coffee_chartTo taste the coffee, the cupper “slurps” a spoonful with a quick inhalation. The objective is to spray the coffee evenly over the cupper’s taste buds, and then weigh it before spitting it out. Samples from a variety of batches and different beans are tasted daily. Coffees are not only analyzed this way for their inherent characteristics and flaws, but also for the purpose of blending different beans or determining the proper roast.  An expert cupper can taste hundreds of samples of coffee a day and still taste the subtle differences between them.

The experience can be frustrating. Some attendees may cite that a sample evokes “floral, jasmine, and blueberry” while you may be thinking “it smells like hot coffee.” But that’s ok, you have to be patient, practice makes the master, right?.

Have a look to this consumer oriented vocabulary for coffee tasting.

Enjoy also this short vid about how coffee is made!

Do you want to learn more about coffee? While staying at Excellence Resorts, check your Excellence Times newspaper for our Coffee Tasting schedule.

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Finest Playa Mujeres construction progress

Excellence Group:

Isn’t it looking great!

Originally posted on Finest Resorts:

Following the timetable, Finest Playa Mujeres will open on February 12th, 2015, in greater Cancun.

At Finest Resorts we want to share with you the excellent progress of Finest Playa Mujeres construction.

Some of the Finest Highlights are not only large amount of swimming pools but also the private swimming pools that some rooms will feature.


The rooms are already being equipped with hydraulic/electrical equipment and furniture.

Kids area under construction.

The next update will be with photos showing even more progress. Stay connected!

Finest Playa Mujeres is celebrating their grand opening with the finest offers. Don’t miss the pre-booking discounts!

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Best Instagram Photos from Excellence Punta Cana

Looking at Excellence Punta Cana Instagram photos is always a pleasure. We love watching our guests points of view; every photo is so different and special!
Thanks a lot for sharing and don’t forget to continue tagging us as @excellencegroup or mentioning us with #ExcellencePuntaCana. Spread the love!

Excellence Punta Cana

Excellence Punta Cana

Excellence Punta Cana

Excellence Punta Cana


Excellence Punta Cana


Hola, savings. Adiós, cold weather! check our Excellence Special Offers!

Excellence Punta Cana


Excellence Punta Cana


Excellence Punta Cana

Excellence Punta Cana


Excellence Punta Cana


Excellence Punta Cana


Excellence Punta Cana


What do you think? aren’t they beautiful?! #InLoveWithExcellence

Hope to have you visiting us soon and to be able to see your vacation photos too!
Greetings from the Excellence Resorts family.

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New grand opening date for Finest Playa Mujeres

Excellence Group:

New opening date for Finest Playa Mujeres!

Originally posted on Finest Resorts:

Excellence Group Luxury Hotels and Resorts anounces the new grand opening date for Finest Playa Mujeres. Feb 12th, 2015.


As the near completion of construction of the Finest Playa Mujeres resort comes closer, the hotel Group decided to move the opening date to February. A great Valentine’s Day gif!

At Finest, guests will experience an elegant enclave that offers a suite of possibilities… expansive beds, oversize jacuzzis, custom lighting, lush color, simple lines, deluxe bathing, ultimate privacy, replete with amenities and delights. Whichever you choose, from Family Suites to Rooftops or Pool Junior Suites, every Finest suite is designed to be livable for all, and open to anything that piques one’s curiosity.

Finest Playa Mujeres is celebrating their grand opening with an offering of 35% off their all-inclusive resort packages, for both winter and summer 2015 travel. Don’t miss the pre-booking discounts!

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