The princes of the vegetable kingdom


Think you know everything about palm trees?

The Caribbean is known not only for its crystal clear waters and white sand but also for its beautiful palm trees. It would be hard to picture the Caribbean without those skinny, tall and evergreen trees.

Recognize this landscape? All this pictures belong to Excellence Punta Cana.


In many historical cultures, palms were consider a symbol of victory, peace and fertility. They can live up to one hundred years!

More than 2600 species of palm tree are currently known. Most of them live on the tropical, subtropical and warm temperate climates, just the warm and sunny we enjoy at Excellence Playa Mujeres and Excellence Riviera Cancún. But they can also inhabit nearly every type of habitat, from rainforests to deserts.

Krafty Travel 12

Most palms are distinguished by their large, compound, evergreen leaves arranged at the top of an unbranched stem. However, many palms are exceptions, and in fact exhibit an enormous diversity in physical characteristics.

Nowadays, for most people palms symbolize the tropics and vacations. They have even been termed the princes of vegetable kingdom

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Excellence veggie alternative

If you do not eat meat or simply preffer a veggie alternative, you can also take advantage of the All Inclusive Luxury at any of our Excellence Resorts. We have a vegetarian alternative menu on all of our restaurantes. Below you will find some exquisite examples.

We offer our guests these delicious vegetarian dishes with fresh and regional ingredients. In its implementation we consider not only vegetal origin, but also how it is developed so that you get all their nutrients, adding nutritional information to help lead a healthy and balanced diet and making their stay in our hotel even more enjoyable. For their vegetable origin the dishes are all cholesterol free.

medium_mexican_party_cactusCACTUS SALAD
Fresh roasted cactus, onions, tomato, avocado and guajillo chili oil.

Corn kernels, beans & cilantro, over deep fried tortilla strips flavored with epazote oil.

Traditional Mexican tamal fried with corn truffle, pasilla chili mirror sauce & lettuce chiffonade.

Spinach salad and red onion with natural yogurt dressing

Burger of veggies accompanied with fries

Potato pie stuffed with peas fries and Parmesan gratin


Ceviche with bell pepper, onion, cilantro, avocado, lemon and garlic oil

White beans cooked with vegetables

Pasta with veggies sautéed in garlic and      guajillo chili or chipotle chili butter

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Did you know hammocks can be good for your health?

Melanie WilkieHave you ever enjoyed a nap at a hammock? Some studies reveal there are reasons why we enjoy so much sleeping on hanging beds. The distinctive swinging helps us fall sleep because it resembles the same waves babies fall sleep on our arms. Also, some say that the natural curve on the hammock is similar to the one we had on our mothers womb before we were born.

John Chalmers‎ 1Anthropologists have found in Central America hammocks as old as 700 years. Columbus described them as “sleeping nets between trees”. There are many reasons why ancient cultures slept in hammocks, not just because they are comfortable, but also kept them away from the danger of the jungle floor, where scary spiders and snakes hang at night. Also they are light to carry, fresh for the warm of the Caribbean and easy to travel with. These are only few of the reasons why hammocks are becoming so popular among young travelers around the world.


The peculiar waves produced by hammocks are directly related with our memory, which makes them great for reading or studying… an active memory helps you concentrate.

xLaura_Fiorica_Padula5-Some even say, hammocks can be beneficial for back aches, due to its shape and flexibility.

You can find this wonderful hammocks at all our Excellence properties.

Would you change your old mattress for a hammock?

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Whale Shark Snorkeling Tour

11246981_1095958617087474_8738311387923567966_nThe whale shark is the largest fish in the world. Despite its impressive size, it feeds on plankton and is harmless. Have the opportunity to observe it in its habitat and snorkel with him is a privilege that can only be enjoyed in a few places in the globe and only for a few months a year (from middle May to middle September). During the whale shark season the whale sharks come to Isla Mujeres to feed on plankton where the Caribbean Sea meets the Gulf of Mexico.


This tour is a great choice when staying at Excellence Playa Mujeres & Excellence Riviera Cancún.

You will have the remarkable opportunity to swim and snorkel with the whale shark, known as the gentle giant, in an area teeming with sea life. This great adventure departs daily from La Amada Marina at Playa Mujeres Resort during the whale shark season. All of the tours have a limit of 10 people and are all led by certificated and professional guides, who are naturalists and biologists and know everything about the area and the whale sharks!

11110984_1095958610420808_2101997512243238379_n 10659430_1095960183753984_2950879892535103843_n

For more information and reservations contact our preferred partner Season Tours at, our colleagues will be happy to assist.

And if you think snorkeling with sharks might be to much for your nerves, we have many more tour options for you at Excursions Riviera Maya & Excursions Playa Mujeres.

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Excellence Group to Open Excellence El Carmen Resort in Punta Cana

Excellence Group Luxury Hotels & Resorts announces plans to start building Excellence El Carmen in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in 2015.


Excellence Group Luxury Hotels & Resorts is announcing plans to begin construction of their second Excellence property along the tranquil shores of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – Excellence El Carmen Resort. This All-Inclusive Luxury resort will open its doors to guests before the end of 2016.

 Excellence El Carmen will be the second adult-only Excellence Resort in Punta Cana, at just 30 minutes from the international airport, with 452 suites ranging from junior suites starting at a generous 800 square feet to upper suites that go up to a luxuriously expansive 2,000 square feet of living space, with breathtaking romantic ocean views and direct beach access.

“Excellence El Carmen’s facilities will include 12 restaurants, 10 bars, a world class Miilé Spa, and the renowned quality service that guests have come to expect from any Excellence Resort,” states Excellence Group’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Domingo Aznar.

 Excellence El Carmen in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic will open before the end of 2016.

About The Excellence Group

Excellence Group Luxury Hotels & Resorts is a family owned and operated resort group specializing in hotel management and worldwide real estate development, with a primary geographic presence in the Caribbean. Excellence Group Luxury Hotels & Resorts is the result of a joint investment between Medieval Times and ETI (Explotacions Turistiques de les Illes). The group owns and manages five star award winning resort properties in Dominican Republic and Mexico under 3 brands encompassing the world of ultimate All-Inclusive Luxury:

Adults-Only Excellence Resorts in Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Punta Cana, Boutique

All Inclusive at Beloved Hotels, and Modern All-Inclusive Luxury for all ages at

Finest Resorts.

In 2014, Excellence Group properties won the Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Award, the Travel & Leisure World’s Best Award and Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Award to name just a few.

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Aroma: Coffee & Sweet at Excellence

Coffee is actually very healthy. It is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that can improve your health. Some studies show that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of several serious diseases.

Aroma is where coffee lovers will find their special caffeine spot at Excellence Resorts.


For those irresistible cravings, come visit one of our newest additions at Excellence Playa Mujeres: Aroma, where you will be able to find a wide menu of sweet delights. Enjoy a hot coffee & cupcakes, deli sandwich & ice cream. Who says you can’t have it all?

Is your holiday and you deserve some sugar.

02_DSC00169   01DSC00180

Located on the lobby’s third floor, Aroma will pamper your senses with sweetness and the great service that characterizes us.


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Excellence Punta Cana Up for Education

Literacy is for everyone. We feel very proud to share with you the great results of Excellence Punta Cana participation on this year’s “Quisqueya Learns with You”. Here are the graduates:


Quisqueya Learns with You is a literacy national plan in which our most underprivileged colleagues have had the opportunity to learn how to read and write.

One of our colleagues from laundry department who graduated from this program offered some words at the Graduation Ceremony.


Thanks to the implementation of  this program even more fellow workers have joined and are now learning to read and to write. In addition to literacy, it creates opportunities to those interested to continue and complete their Basic Education. On the other hand, trains new scholars in order to improve their quality of life and promotes their association or improving their skills to achieve a better job.

We are one of four Hotels in Bavaro, Dominican Republic recognized by the Hotel Association and the Ministry of Education.


Thanks again to all those involved on this program, we share the joy of progress with you.

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