Bespoke Service: Talking with Our Excellence Punta Cana Staff

If you’ve ever been to Punta Cana, let’s face it: the food, the beach, and the friendly people are among the very best compared to other Caribbean destinations.

This is why The Excellence Collection selected the Dominican Republic to be the perfect Caribbean setting for two of our favorite properties: Excellence Punta Cana and Excellence El Carmen. Our two Punta Cana jewels have been impeccably designed – and with bespoke service to match.

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We’ve done our homework, and we interviewed our amazing and unforgettable staff at Excellence Punta Cana (many of whom have been here for YEARS!), and here’s what they have to say about being part of The Excellence Collection and welcoming you, our dearest guests, into this big family:


Punta Cana Beach Concierge


One of the most amazing Beach Concierges you’ll find, for the fifth year in a row. Meet Hendruix at the Excellence Club beach area, where he’s always bringing joy and smiles to our guests. He’s passionate in heart, mind, and soul about providing you with the best beach day experience. Just like he says, “Dominican people have a unique spark and neverending energy for doing what they love the most: delivering the bespoke service we’re known for, alongside unforgettable experiences.”


Dominican Republic All Inclusive Resort Bartender

Kendry will welcome you with a big smile and a Coco Loco in his hand at the Prelude Bar! He says, “I love what I do! For me, this is not even a job… it’s a vacation! Working happily is my secret and the formula for success.” We gladly share that he’s been having such a good time working at Excellence Punta Cana for nine years now. He loves to deliver a great experience for you to feel welcomed as part of the family in Punta Cana’s Caribbean paradise.


Dominican Republic Resort Entertainment
Luis (aka Coca Cola) on the far right, along with our entertainment staff Junior, Luz, and José (Yellow Boy)

We all love Coca Cola! And we’re not talking about the soda… we mean the great Entertainment Supervisor, who is always exuding happiness, energy, and good vibes! He says that “kindness, vibes, and the Dominican Republic’s sustainable and safe tourism are truly unique for you to live (and relive) unforgettable and amazing experiences full of unaccountable feelings of warming joy and happiness.”  He sure loves his job and loves to share good times with our amazing guests, especially those of you who return year after year!


Excellence Punta Cana Excellence Club Concierge
Antonio Sosa

A great attitude and a great smile define what “Sosa” does best as an Excellence Club Concierge. He says: “The Dominican Republic is the country of the 100 wonders… It has it all! Unique culture, charismatic personality, positive energy, and so much more, so who wouldn’t want to come over to visit? The Excellence Collection is truly excellent in every single way. I love what I do because every day is a new opportunity to change negative things into positive… to develop and deliver a great experience to our guests.”


Punta Cana Mama Juana Drink
Danny Boy

Always friendly and smiling, Danny Boy welcomes you to Sol Bar to enjoy the best Mama Juana in the area, plus a wide array of signature drinks. He has been providing you with the best cocktails and bespoke service for four years and counting. He tells us, “The Dominican Republic is the best place to vacation! The weather is amazing, the food is delicious, and the people… oh the people! We’re the best thanks to our empathy and passion for what we do. I’m always happy and glad to work at Excellence Punta Cana, and I love to deliver great service. I love my job!”


We’ll love to do a very special mention to every single member of our staff at Excellence Punta CanaYou’re an amazing staff who is always ready to bring the very best of The Excellence Collection to our guests and provide upscale experiences when it comes to service. For that and for the effort you give every day, we thank you!

Already missing home? At Excellence Punta Cana, our staff will always be happy to welcome you back as many times as you like, whether it’s your first visit or your twentieth.

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Affected by Thomas Cook Closure? Here’s All You Need to Know

DFS_2721 (1)

As of Monday, September 23rd, 2019,  the wholesaler Thomas Cook announced their operations trading closure affecting thousands of customers and,  as a result, all holidays and flights serviced by the company have been canceled and are no longer operating.

We’re truly sorry about this situation and thanks to the UK Government and the Civil Aviation Authority combined efforts, stranded passengers will be able to fly back to UK  between September 23, 2019, to October 6, 2019.

Depending on your location, this will be either on CAA-operated flights or an existing flight from other airlines.

The Excellence Collection, like many other hotel chains, will not be able to honor the original bookings from Thomas Cook as they will no longer be valid but, as we always deliver the upscale customer service you deserve, we’ve sorted the following criteria for all of our dear travelers who are being affected by the tour operator’s collapse.

Regarding customers who acquired their holidays as a flight + hotel package with Thomas Cook:

1) If you checked-in before September 22nd and are already enjoying your vacation at any of The Excellence Collection properties, please visit the website for further details regarding information about your stay. Your reservation has been taken care of and no additional fees will be charged. 

1.1)  If you are already enjoying your vacation at any of The Excellence Collection properties and want to extend your stay while choosing a new return flight option, we will provide a “distress rate” that you will have to request and pay directly at the hotel´s Front Desk.

1.2) If your arrival was scheduled from September 23rd or onwards and your airfare + accommodation has been canceled by Thomas Cook, the hotel will honor the room availability for the suite you booked and will charge the best rate available upon check-in.

For customers who acquired airfare only through Thomas Cook and booked a suite directly through our website or Call Center:

2) If you are enjoying your holidays at The Excellence Collection properties and are looking to extend your stay while you securing a return flight, the hotel will provide a “distress rate” for your extended comfort.

2.1) If you are arriving at any of The Excellence Collection properties and are in need of changing your check-in date, hotel, or destination due to Thomas Cook´s current situation, please contact our Reservations department for further assistance.

Read this additional list of FAQ’s to assist the status of your holiday/flight

What should I do if my current holidays were booked with Thomas Cook, and I’m still at the hotel?
The UK Civil Aviation Authority guaranteed your stay, as long as the last night is before October 6th, 2019. If you have any current or future stay past such date, the nights of October 7th and later will not be guaranteed by the CAA. Please review details and procedures regarding such guarantee through the official website

Currently abroad and you were flying with Thomas Cook?
The UK Government and the Civil Aviation Authority are now working together to do everything they can to support passengers due to fly back to the UK with Thomas Cook between 23 September 2019 and 6 October 2019. We do recommend you to go to for further information.

How to know if your booking is protected by the CAA?
When you book an ATOL protected holiday or flight, the UK travel company is required by law to provide you with an ATOL Certificate. This will set out details of your ATOL protection. If you are not sure if you are ATOL protected, please see

If you are currently at any The Excellence Collection properties, and your booking does not meet the protection criteria by the UK CAA, you may be required to fulfill the stay directly at the hotel. However, you may be able to seek refund and protection from your travel insurance, credit card, etc.

Did you book your flight through a different airline/company? If you have a future arrival, please contact the hotel to review options in order to keep your hotel booking, since your flight remains perfectly valid and so you may continue with your original holiday plans.

For all future bookings with Thomas Cook that have not traveled yet

We are sorry to inform you that as of 23 September 2019 all holidays and flights booked with Thomas Cook are now canceled and customers should look for assistance directly to

If your holiday was canceled due to this situation: Kindly note that The Excellence Collection will not be able to provide any means of refund, either monetary or through certificates for any booking, regardless of the fact that is protected or not by the CAA.

The CAA will be launching a service to manage all refunds on Monday 30 September. We do recommend you to go to for further information and details.

Only the Thomas Cook customers who were directly affected by the firm’s collapse will be entitled to request the cancelation of their stay as provided in our special cancelation policy described above.

Please feel free to contact your travel agent or visit to verify any updated information or question you may have!

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Innovative Curation: Our Latest Resort Updates and Renovations

Were you looking for a reason to visit us soon? We have more than one good reason for you! We’re truly excited to share the amazing updates and news from our exquisite resorts in The Excellence Collection, where we use Innovative Curation to enhance your experience at your home away from home. Ready to see what we have in store for your next stay with us? Here’s the list of our latest updates:

Excellence Riviera Cancun

The newly revamped interior design at our Indian restaurant Basmati, where we will transport your taste buds to heaven on earth.

A brand new deck area around the Excellence Club pool, giving you even more space to bask in sunshine and cool off at your pace!

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Excellence Playa Mujeres

Stylish new decor and seating at the main theater to help you enjoy an always amazing night show and live music.

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Beloved Playa Mujeres 

Book one of our Swim-Up Suites to see their new decks! A fresh look for a fresh and relaxing stay at our couples only hotel.

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Finest Playa Mujeres

We’ve touched up the style at our Bistro restaurant in order to elevate your dining experience even more! Exclusively for our Excellence Club guests.

Bistro restaurant at Finest Playa Mujeres

Bistro restaurant at Finest Playa Mujeres

These are the latest improvements we’ve brought to our resorts. At The Excellence Collection, we constantly evolve and upgrade our amenities with you – our family – in mind. Our Innovative Curation and ahead-of-the-curve food, mixology, entertainment, and wellness is carefully curated for your comfort and enjoyment, providing you with the very best during your stay!

We’ll keep you posted on upcoming updates and news regarding our upscale Caribbean resorts. Stay tuned!

You can follow updates, helpful tips, and news on Facebook and Instagram, too!

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The Very Best II: We Turn Meals into Passionate Experiences in Punta Cana

Perfect turquoise views and bright golden sand beaches… a simple look at Excellence Punta Cana and Excellence El Carmen surroundings can give anyone a big crush – and after trying the food? Well, that’s when you might fall in love. Our upscale resorts are home to amazing cuisine and unique experiences for foodies who look to feast their senses and travelers who simply look to unwind and relax.


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From foods to try while you stay in paradise to unique foodie experiences, in Punta Cana our chefs have found many ways to adapt international cuisine with local dishes and of course, coconuts! The iconic tropical fruit here in the Caribbean.

You’ll be able to start your morning by one of the many pools to choose from at Excellence Punta Cana or Excellence El Carmen with fresh coconut water on the side (served in a coconut, of course) or enjoy a savory dinner where coconut can even be found in some of our recipes. At our Punta Cana resorts, we all go nuts for coconuts!

DID YOU KNOW? The use of coconut in food in the Dominican Republic was started by a group called ‘Los cocolos’ back in the XIX century. Today, it’s an indispensable ingredient in traditional Dominican cuisine.


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Vegetarian options, tons of delicious seafood (lobster included), Spanish tapas, Asian experiences, French cuisine, and Mexican fare (just to mention some of the wide array of options you’ll find) in the resort of your choice, will have you experiencing the culinary adventure of your life with Excellence Resorts “sazón” (that’s Spanish for “flavor”).

Vacation calories don’t count, and at Excellence El Carmen and Excellence Punta Cana cooking with love provides the best feeling of nourishment, surprise, and happiness while staying in a place with no shortage of luxe experiences. So, why not go luxe with your food experience during your vacation?

Basmati covers that part by giving your taste buds a gourmet Indian cuisine experience , and Chez Isabelle with its French bistro look, feel, and taste is a true delight for your senses that will make you exclaim: Oh la la! with every bite. Don’t think twice and give them both a try at Excellence El Carmen.

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Gorgeous sunset views will envelop you while you enjoy fresh and upscale dishes at Lobster House, or if you prefer pasta and ravioli then Oregano restaurant is a perfect choice! The only trouble you’ll have at any of these two restaurants will be deciding which view to photograph – the perfectly plated dishes or the perfectly painted Caribbean Sea at Excellence Punta Cana!

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When it comes to our beautiful Punta Cana resorts, yes, the beaches are beautiful, yes you can fully enjoy an upscale all inclusive stay, and YES you can also have a unique, delicious, and amazing gourmet cuisine experience. Take a break from work and day-to-day life, break free, and enjoy a truly Caribbean getaway at any of our Punta Cana resorts.

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A Complete Tour Guide for Your Punta Cana Stay!

Caribbean hues and lush surroundings, luxurious All Inclusive food and drinks, friendly and bespoke service, and exclusive amenities are a don’t-miss at Excellence El Carmen and Excellence Punta Cana, the place where everyone enters as a guest and leaves (and comes back) as family.


Of course, we all love lounging by the beach with a Mama Juana drink all week long, but with so many amazing things to do in the area, why not head outside the resort for a day and enjoy experiences you can’t get back home?


Santo Domingo City Tour

Santo Domingo is a colonial city recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992 thanks to its rich culture and history. You will be able to visit some of the most important historical places in the area like Alcazar de Colon (Columbus’ son’s house) and the First Cathedral of the New World, and at the end of this activity, you’ll enjoy a delightful buffet lunch at a wonderful Dominican restaurant where their specialty is, of course, authentic Dominican food!


A Day Trip to Saona Island

Stop searching for paradise, you’ve just found it. The boats, the snorkeling, the starfish and other sea creatures (manatees sometimes drop by to say hi!), and the experience itself are all unforgettable! Saona welcomes you with ivory sand, rows of swaying palms, and transparent turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. A visit to Saona Island is a priceless moment you only get once in a lifetime!


 Zip Line Canopy Tours

Fly through the jungle in the most fun way: Ziplines. With the assistance of professional and prepared adventure staff, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views as you soar through the jungle canopy. You can even turn a half-day zip line tour into a full day excursion by booking a zip line tour that includes a trip to… Monkeyland!


A wonderful underwater paradise you wouldn’t expect. Visit one of the amazing Punta Cana reefs with marine fauna and flora whose beauty will remain in your memory long after your stay. This is the perfect out-of-the-resort activity for those wanting to combine snorkeling with a Punta Cana catamaran cruise.


As you can see, there’s a wide array of things to do in Punta Cana beyond your relaxing vacation on our soft, golden sand beaches. Cultural, adventurous, and extraordinary are three words that perfectly describe this destination, and at Excellence Punta Cana and Excellence El Carmen, we take care of everything. For this very reason, booking your Punta Cana tours is made easy: our Seasons Tours experts are always happy to assist you and help you book the activities of your choice so you can make the most of your vacation and indulge in the Caribbean state of mind, body, and soul. 


Let the pros take care of you while you start enjoying and exploring what Punta Cana has to offer!

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Find Your Way Back to Fun and Entertainment by the Caribbean Coast!

The always top-notch Excellence Club, the glowing Miilé Spa, the evocative cuisine and cocktails at your disposal… just to name a few of the very best parts of our resorts… an amazing escape awaits when you return to Excellence El Carmen or Excellence Punta Cana. Whether you’re here for one week or two, you’ll have the chance to indulge in luxuriating spa days, romantic dinners at an extensive variety of unforgettable locations, theme events, stunning bike rides, and more; you name it, and we’ll make it happen!

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Beyond the 10 Reasons Why You Should Book A Stay With The Excellence Collection, our Punta Cana resorts offer you Caribbean island scenery in a colorful and friendly setting inside a double-gated neighborhood. Here, our team warmly welcomes you to stop calling it a dream and start naming it your “home away from home”.


Our In-House Activities

We know not every vacation is made to be spent lounging at the pool or the beach (but we wouldn’t blame you if you did), which is why we have an array of fun and entertaining things to do throughout the day… it’s time for you to enjoy 21 miles of golden sand beaches and pristine waters.

Practice morning yoga in preparation for a day in paradise, or go jogging or on a bike tour to admire the beauty of the turquoise Caribbean waters and the lush surroundings Punta Cana has to offer. Here, you can experience the true Caribbean island lifestyle with our Infinite Excellence plan. We’re ready to help you explore and have tons of fun!


Our enthusiastic Entertainment Team is always ready to bring the fun every day with the best pool and beach activities, so get ready to dance, laugh, and enjoy with the beautiful smiles and energy the team brings! We don’t mean to brag, but we honestly have the top Entertainment Team in the whole Punta Cana area. Daytime activities range from volleyball and water polo mini tournaments to afternoon dance lessons. Our properties also have quiet spaces where you can chill out, but let’s be honest, why miss out on all the fun while on vacation?

Sea breeze, amazing golden sand beaches, enticing food and drinks, high end amenities, and a tremendous staff… the very best is at our Excellence Resorts in Punta Cana!

                           Night-time shows and live music entertainment

Enjoy magical and thrilling night shows at Excellence Punta Cana and Excellence El Carmen.

From exhilarating theme nights of mystical Dominican folklore, a Broadway tour that will have you singing and dancing to the classics (Cats, The Lion King, and Grease just to mention a few), a vibrant Circus Show that enraptures your senses, and, the true star of our night shows: The Michael Jackson show… tune in to the best songs and let us rock your world, then don’t stop dancing ‘til you get enough! The night is young and the shows are something you should not miss during your stay!

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Are you starting to remember how good it is to be home? 

Welcome to the good life of our Punta Cana resorts! Where limitless possibilities surround you while rhythms of merengue and lapping ocean waves are the perfect indicator that luxury reigns and romance rules.

Without a doubt, the Caribbean scenery, the tempting All Inclusive bars and restaurants, the upscale style, and the friendly and bespoke service come together for a can’t-miss experience at Excellence El Carmen and Excellence Punta Cana. Come to the place where everyone enters as a guest and leaves (and comes back) as family!

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The Very Best: Highlights from Our Two Punta Cana Resorts

Picture it: Two Punta Cana resorts that redefine the upscale Caribbean vacation concept travelers seek. With a world-class spa, spacious suites with perks ranging from private terraces to ocean views and private plunge pools, an experienced staff,  and specialized dining experiences everywhere you go… always followed by bespoke service with a warm smile.


No, it is not a dream; that’s everyday life at Excellence Punta Cana and Excellence El Carmen.

It’s hard to go wrong when choosing from our two adults only Excellence Resorts in Punta Cana. Both locations have their own charm and resort bliss along a stretch of private beach, where an All Inclusive selection of gourmet specialty restaurants and international buffets cater to the desires of every single guest who chooses to stay here. Both resorts offer warm and luxurious service, and you can even upgrade to an even more exclusive experience by booking a stay in the Excellence Club.

Excellence Punta Cana Waterfall Pool

From the moment you arrive at Excellence Punta Cana or Excellence El Carmen, you will experience the Excellence Club difference when choosing this category. You’ll be treated to express check-in and check-out service in a private VIP lounge area that is solely for the use of Club guests and has snack buffets, and bar service; consider it your own private club to use anytime.

The Excellence Club at our resorts is like the VIP area for those who love that luxury experience that makes you say, “I’m worth it!” Private pool suites, rooftop suites with gorgeous ocean views, VIP amenities, attentive concierges, exclusive access to restaurants, lounges, bars, and much more… that is what we call upgraded luxury at Excellence Resorts.

Yet another unforgettable experience at our Punta Cana resorts is, of course, wellness at Miilé Spa , present in Excellence Punta Cana. Reduce stress, anxiety, and anything that involves worrying thanks to our therapies, rituals, and treatments tailored in the most special way to make you go from stress mode to a peaceful mindset. We’ll place you in the hands of our expert wellness therapists at Miilé Spa,  at Excellence El Carmen,  for you to live a relaxing experience with the very best for your body, mind, and spirit in serene settings.

Excellence El Carmen Resort Hydrotherapy

The perfect place to relax and renew while on vacation, at Excellence Punta Cana and Excellence El Carmen: where life is great but a massage makes it even better!

Excellence Punta Cana Spa

Unparalleled amenities, suites that lead out to individual terraces or your very own stretch of pool, wonderful dining and drinks, and golden sand beaches filled with palm trees make Excellence Punta Cana and Excellence El Carmen an ideal location for a romantic escape, a getaway with friends, or a last-minute trip to reconnect, rewind, and rekindle.

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