Wellness at Excellence Resorts

Having mental, physical and spiritual balance is what guarantees the improvement and longevity of our lives.IMG_4848

In addition, this is what Wellness entails, moving us from our usual stressful routines towards a dynamic and health-oriented life. It is a philosophy that considers the human body as a sacred temple and we should keep it through eating healthy food and having an active life with exercise, and of course, good pampering.x20140330_075507- (2)

Miilé Spa at Excellence Resorts is a clever first step to a life full of joy and good health. For this reason, we are inviting you to explore our spa sanctuary to free you from the stressful real world.x20150417_120744-

Miilé Spa provides you a harmonious environment where you will find a vast variety of treatments ranging from therapeutic massages to antioxidant and rejuvenating facials, thus giving you a sense of inner peace.


Furthermore, our spa offers free yoga classes at our Fitness Center to help improve flexibility, build muscle strength, as well as give mental strength and clarity, and elevate mood levels.

So, take the time to relax, to enjoy the life you’ve been given and pamper your soul with an amazing treat from our expert’s hands. Contact us to enquire or to get more details from  any of our treatments. We are waiting for you!

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We are ready! Are you?

Excellence El Carmen is about to open its doors for the expectant audience

The most awaited and expected big opening from Excellence Group is about to happen. The Dominican Republic will have a new Caribbean gem, the All-Inclusive Luxury home, Excellence El Carmen.hotel_overview_aeria_v3

As the time approaches the inauguration day, the final touches are getting in place to welcome the first guests.


492 contemporary designed suites will showcase the beauty of this destination where luxury has no limits.


All 12 restaurants are getting furnished and equipped, all ready to serve!


Functional, clean and lean spaces to enjoy every corner of this place.


The greenery on the grounds enhances the spectacularity of the resort.


Our 16 bars stand for its unique personality.


Our signature style will shine to create incredible and everlasting moments


Everything is taken care of and nothing is being left out.


Only 25 minutes away from Punta Cana’s International airport.

There is so much to see, to do and to enjoy that we cannot be more ready for this moment!

Let’s start the countdown! Seventeen days ahead until the latest contemporary luxury and exclusive destination opens the doors to welcome exquisite leisure travelers around the globe.

Take the chance and plan your next holiday to this new location, with our special offers. Excellence El Carmen awaits you!

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Excellence El Carmen is looking even better!

We could not be more excited! There are only 77 days left for the grand opening of Excellence El Carmen; our newest All-Inclusive property by Excellence Group.

Therefore, we want to give you a nice update of how the construction is going. Everything seems pretty good and we are looking forward to the big day! Roll on September 1st, 2016!

From the look, Excellence El Carmen is building its own personality within The Dominican Republic and showcases the beauty that this destination has to offer.

xecB4The resort is almost done and starting to look as we have imagined all this time. The extension of the beach just looks perfect to get lost on it’s beauty

IMG_6355A gorgeous and exclusive oasis lined up within the beauty of the horizon

XEC vista terrace suites 2The interior wings of the resort are the sequel for our never-ending paradise where you will find 12 restaurants and 16 bars all around!

IMG_6146Stunning overlooks show off the majesty of the outstanding Caribbean from our Beachfront Honeymoon Rooftop Terrace Suite

XEC ChezOne of our ten dining options, Chez Isabelle, starts to show its character and sophisticated elegance

Beachfront_Honeymoon_Swim_Up_Suite_(10)Exquisite mosaics-tiled adorn the oversized jacuzzi that’ll be featured in all of our rooms

Typical_Junior_Suite_Interior_(14)Contemporary and modern style enhance our signature and luxury design

As the big opening day approaches, the construction is showing more and more details, and as you can see we already started to decorate the rooms that showcase the lovely furniture featured.

Are you excited like us? Seventy-seven more days, but who’s counting, huh!? Save the date and join us on this celebration!


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Be well, Be healthy, Be beautiful. Be wellness!

gwdWellness of the mind, body and soul is at the heart of what we do! We, as Miilé Spa, will be joining the movement Global Wellness Day this coming Saturday, June 11. This celebration has been embraced by many countries to make people aware of their lives by de-stressing, avoiding bad habits and thereby find peace.DJI_0319 (002).jpgThis message aligns perfectly with our Miilé Spa philosophy, which aims at reconnecting guests with themselves, others, and the world around them, offering activities and health advice. It is time to indulge not just your body but your soul and most of all your health!


What is Global Wellness Day?
Global Wellness Day is an entirely not-for-profit day, a social project created by volunteers dedicated to living well. The purpose of Global Wellness Day is to direct the thoughts of all of us, together, towards raising awareness about the value of our lives. To take a moment to pause and think, to be free from the stress of everyday city life and bad habits, and make peace with ourselves, not just for today, but for the remaining 364 days of the year.IMG_4842The ultimate goal is: Join the movement by visiting Global Wellness Day and share their mantra that “one day can change your whole life”.
Because health, happiness, love, spirituality and prosperity are a matter of our own decision. “How can I live a healthier and better life?”
I Say YES!IMG_4849Say Yes to Global Wellness Day by following our activities and using the hashtags: #GlobalWellnessDay and #MiileSpaWellness.

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The pursuit of happiness and wellness

At Excellence Group, we are more than excited to share that we’ll be hosting a new way of getaway experience, that one that will help to approach your inner feelings and connect with nature to become one happy well-being. IMG_4848

How does this work? Basically is about defining yourself right. Wellness is most commonly associated with being healthy. But what being healthy is?

Wellness is much more than merely physical health, exercise or nutrition. It is the full integration of states of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


A wellness way of life only happens if is applied in all its dimensions: occupational, physical, social, intellectual, environmental, spiritual and emotional. Each of these dimensions’ act and interact in a way that contributes to our own quality of life.IMG_4836

But at the end of the day, living a wellness way of life is a personal choice, but it takes additional support to achieve wellness, the fact that a health promotion program must exist, provides the much-needed support to get started and implement a wellness way of life.IMG_4840

Hence, live well! Move more! Eat right! Stress less! Breathe easy! Pretty simple, huh? Join us on this wellness journey and stay tuned for more updates because something BIG is about to happen!😀  Don´t forget to leave us a comment and follow the conversation on Facebook and Instagram too!


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Excellence El Carmen is almost here!

For all of you wondering the status of the newest Excellence property, we want to show the progress of our upcoming home.

We are really proud to share that Excellence El Carmen construction is going even further than we expected, and that’s some really exciting news!

At first-hand, the resort looks amazing so far but let’s take a look! Shall we?

The buildings show a contemporary and luxury stylish architecture20160408_163432

The rooms are already being equipped with hot tubs, windows, and protection

Beachfront Honeymoon Swim-Up Suite… a step away from your room and straight into the pool


The spacious areas with detailed décor will set a new level of luxury experience20160412_113435

And of course, the beautiful infinity of the Caribbean turquoise blue…XEC_retoque_apr

and its natural wonders surrounding the resort.3

Our grand opening is coming. September 1st is getting closer and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Save the date and prepare for an amazing holiday. Haven’t you booked yet? Stay tuned and follow the conversation on Facebook and Instagram too!


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Excellence and the key of happiness!

If you are that kind of person that enjoys working out while on holiday, this is definitely for you…

Recently our Excellence Playa Mujeres Fitness Center went under a nice and really promising upgrades (with way more space!). Additionally to our equipment, we decided to include some new machines and a new layout that enhance the power of working out and the joy of sweat.


Endorphins = the key of happiness


When you exercise your body releases chemicals that make you feel happy, less stressed and filled with pure joy. That’s why we wanted to make your stay even more extraordinary.

The latest trend. Battling Ropes are the perfect workout to burn fat and build up your muscles.gymvictor

Body sculpting can be done with a specially designed routine, cardio sessions are a must to improve your resistance.

IMG_1090 (002)

Every routine is meant for a different type of body, designed to empower your stability and strength.


Make sure to stop by our Fitness Center and check the new layout!

Now let’s talk about a nice cool down after a sweaty class…😉DSC05182.JPG

Don´t forget to leave us a comment and follow the conversation on Facebook , also find us on Instagram!

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