Excellence Riviera Cancun additions

On one of our previous posts we shared with you photos of the new looking of The Grill and The Lobster restaurant. Now we are very excited to share with you more photos but this time of the new additions at Excellence Riviera Cancun.

This All Inclusive Luxury Resort went from 8 to 9 restaurants with the Flavour market. Here small plates deliver big flavor in a cozy gourmet atmosphere. Order from an extensive menu of tapas dishes paired with premium wines recommended by our sommelier.
The Flavour Market
The Flavour Market The Flavour Market

Another addition was the Aroma coffee shop. A sweet corner were you can enjoy of a tasty coffee and pastries.
Aroma Coffee Aroma Coffee Aroma Coffee

Lastly we turned the Alegría Bar into an Sports Bar. A place to watch the big game on the big screen while you enjoy of full bar service along with a snack menu.
Sports Bar Sports Bar Sports Bar

If those are not enough reasons for you to visit this Excellence Resort in the Riviera Maya, go and check the Special Offers of our website!

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Kids rejoice in our very own posada

A smile from a child is packaged sunshine and rainbows… unknown

Following our previous blog post Sharing the Christmas Spirit, it was possible to do the Toy Donation at a childen’s home in Cancun.

We truly appreciate the contributions from our dear guests of the Excellence Riviera Cancun, Excellence Playa Mujeres, The Beloved Hotel, and the Excellence Group sales team donations. With your help it was possible to take a little bit of the Christmas spirit to those who received it with a big smile.

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The most emotive part of the fiesta was when the children performed a Play which talked about hope, sharing and compassion. After the play, the children closed with a flourish by singing Christmas carols. It was a very happy moment! 


Seeing their smiling faces while the gift giving, was very exciting too. Sometimes we think we have all for granted but these experiences help us to appreciate what we have even more.

Once again, thanks to all the guests who participated, we wish you all a year full of happiness!

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Excellence Riviera Cancun updates

We are very excited to present you the results of the renovations at the restaurants The Grill and The Lobster House at Excellence Riviera Cancun.

Hope you like them as much as we do. Enjoy!

The Grill/ Lobster BarExcellence Riviera Cancun
The Grill resturantExcellence Riviera CancunExcellence Riviera Cancun
The Grill KitchenExcellence Riviera Cancun
The Lobster restaurantExcellence Riviera CancunExcellence Riviera Cancun
The Lobster KitchenExcellence Riviera Cancun Excellence Riviera Cancun
Don’t miss Excellence Riviera Cancun special offers. Last days to book!

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Excellence Punta Cana Updates

We are excited to share with you the result of the renovations in the Lobster and Grill restaurants at Excellence Punta Cana.

Hope you find them as charming as we do. Enjoy it!

The Lobster restaurantExcellence Punta Cana

The Grill restaurantExcellence Punta Cana


Excellence Punta CanaExcellence Punta CanaExcellence Punta CanaExcellence Punta Cana

Don’t miss Excellence Punta Cana special offers. Last days to book!

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Christmas decoration at Excellence Resorts

Did you know Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition as we now know it, when in the 16th century devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes?

Christmas Tree at Excellence Punta CanaIn 1846, the popular royals Queen Victoria and her German Prince, Albert, were sketched in the Illustrated London News standing with their children around a Christmas tree. Unlike the previous royal family, Victoria was very popular with her subjects, and what was done at court immediately became fashionable—not only in Britain, but also at the fashion-conscious East Coast American Society. The Christmas tree had arrived.

Excellence Riviera Cancun

In Mexico and in the Domincan Republic, the principal holiday adornment is ‘el Nacimiento (Nativity scene)’. However, a decorated Christmas tree may be incorporated in the Nacimiento or set up elsewhere in the home.

Hope you enjoy these photos of our Christmas decoration at Excellence Resorts. Merry Xmas from our family to yours!!!

Excellence Riviera CancunExcellence Riviera CancunExcellence Riviera Cancun

Excellence Playa Mujeres

Excellence Playa Mujeres


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Tastings at Excellence Riviera Cancun

Vacations at Excellence Riviera Cancun are to relax and to enjoy the wonders of mother nature while we pamper you. But wouldn’t it be great to take your beach vacation experience to a different level?

Take your time to learn something different, live each day a unique experience with our Excellence Tastings. Here you have our schedule:

molecular_mixologyMondays at 4pm, Molecular Mixology.
Enjoy your favorite drinks with this trendy technique. Learn more about molecular mixology while preparing fantastic cocktails!
Price: $25 usd

wine-tastingTuesdays at 5pm,Wine Tasting.
Enhance your experience in Mexico with high quality wine and learn to pair it with delicious mexican appetizers.
Price: $25 usd

?????????????????????????????????????????Wednesdays at 5pm, Coffee Tasting.
The coffee is the engine of social life and has become one of the most popular drinks consumed by man. Find out more about its irresistible features.
Price: $25 usd

Don’t miss Excellence Riviera Cancun special offers. Last days to book!

IMG_5200Thursdays at 5pm, Tequila Tasting.
Discover the secrets of this mexican ancient beverage. Experience a wide range of tequila flavours according to the barrel material, aroma, aging etc.
Price: $25 usd

cognac_cigarFridays at 5pm, Cigar Tasting.
A cigar tasting is usually made to define the various nuances which a cigar can have while you touch, taste and smell it. Get great hints from our experts in Caribbean cigars.
Price: $25 usd

Saturdays at 5pm, Mojito Tasting.
Feel the magic of preparing your own mojito, Latin America’s most popular cocktail! Combine fresh ingredients and prepare it to your taste.
Price: $25 usd

For tasting reservations, please contact us at rivieracancun@excellence-resorts.com

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Finest Playa Mujeres December Update

Originally posted on Finest Resorts:

We could not be more excited, there are only 68 days left for the grand opening of Finest Playa Mujeres; the first hotel of the new brand Finest Resorts by Excellence Group.
Therefore, we want to share with you the progress of the construction. Everything is looking so good! Roll on February 12th, 2015!


Our rooms are spacious and with a very delicate luxury decoration.
FPM_Avance-09FPM_Avance-10FPM_Avance-12The Swim Up Suites are surely going to be one of our most popular rooms.

Finest Playa Mujeres is characterized by its modern construction with Mexican touches. Here an example of our Pool Junior Suite.
The children area will be divided in 3 pavillions with different activities. See more info here: Finest For Kids

fpm_avance-06Looking for more information about Finest Playa Mujeres? Visit www.finestresorts.com or dial our toll free numbers:

USA: 1 866 540 2585
Canada: 1 866 451 1592
Mexico: 01800 966…

View original 6 more words

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