Did you know hammocks can be good for your health?

Melanie WilkieHave you ever enjoyed a nap at a hammock? Some studies reveal there are reasons why we enjoy so much sleeping on hanging beds. The distinctive swinging helps us fall sleep because it resembles the same waves babies fall sleep on our arms. Also, some say that the natural curve on the hammock is similar to the one we had on our mothers womb before we were born.

John Chalmers‎ 1Anthropologists have found in Central America hammocks as old as 700 years. Columbus described them as “sleeping nets between trees”. There are many reasons why ancient cultures slept in hammocks, not just because they are comfortable, but also kept them away from the danger of the jungle floor, where scary spiders and snakes hang at night. Also they are light to carry, fresh for the warm of the Caribbean and easy to travel with. These are only few of the reasons why hammocks are becoming so popular among young travelers around the world.


The peculiar waves produced by hammocks are directly related with our memory, which makes them great for reading or studying… an active memory helps you concentrate.

xLaura_Fiorica_Padula5-Some even say, hammocks can be beneficial for back aches, due to its shape and flexibility.

You can find this wonderful hammocks at all our Excellence properties.

Would you change your old mattress for a hammock?

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2 Responses to Did you know hammocks can be good for your health?

  1. David says:

    My Wife and I just spent our 10th year anniversary at Excellence Riviera Maya from June 13th-20th 2015 and our Honeymoon in 2005 also about the same time and loved it so much we came back. The resort has refined it’s overall excellence to a new level. We went to all of the outdoor activities and events, but the one the event I would like to get more info on is the Opera singers that were there on June 17th 2015. I got there name (Los Romance) from the front desk but am unable to find anything on them. I would like to know if you can give me any info or if they have a CD out and were to get it. Thank you David and Kathleen Todd

    • Hi David and Kathleen! Thank you very much for your preference and interest, we really appreciate it. We don’t have that info but will ask the property and get back to you asap. Warm regards! 😀

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