Excellence El Carmen is looking even better!

We could not be more excited! There are only 77 days left for the grand opening of Excellence El Carmen; our newest All-Inclusive property by Excellence Group.

Therefore, we want to give you a nice update of how the construction is going. Everything seems pretty good and we are looking forward to the big day! Roll on September 1st, 2016!

From the look, Excellence El Carmen is building its own personality within The Dominican Republic and showcases the beauty that this destination has to offer.

xecB4The resort is almost done and starting to look as we have imagined all this time. The extension of the beach just looks perfect to get lost on it’s beauty

IMG_6355A gorgeous and exclusive oasis lined up within the beauty of the horizon

XEC vista terrace suites 2The interior wings of the resort are the sequel for our never-ending paradise where you will find 12 restaurants and 16 bars all around!

IMG_6146Stunning overlooks show off the majesty of the outstanding Caribbean from our Beachfront Honeymoon Rooftop Terrace Suite

XEC ChezOne of our ten dining options, Chez Isabelle, starts to show its character and sophisticated elegance

Beachfront_Honeymoon_Swim_Up_Suite_(10)Exquisite mosaics-tiled adorn the oversized jacuzzi that’ll be featured in all of our rooms

Typical_Junior_Suite_Interior_(14)Contemporary and modern style enhance our signature and luxury design

As the big opening day approaches, the construction is showing more and more details, and as you can see we already started to decorate the rooms that showcase the lovely furniture featured.

Are you excited like us? Seventy-seven more days, but who’s counting, huh!? Save the date and join us on this celebration!



About Excellence Group

Excellence Group Luxury Hotels & Resorts is a resort group specialized in hotel management. The company’s product lines are: Excellence Resorts, All Inclusive Luxury, Adults-Only Resorts; Beloved Hotels, All Inclusive Luxury, Boutique Style Hotels and Finest Resorts, All Inclusive Luxury Resorts that accommodate guests of all ages.
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One Response to Excellence El Carmen is looking even better!

  1. Karen Richardson says:

    Wow it looks fab. Can’t wait until we arrive on 13 October. My 50th birthday is going to be so special spending it here

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