When was the last time you pampered yourself?

Let’s talk about something very important… How long has it been since you gave yourself a little “me time”?


Be honest. The reasons or excuses can run over three pages long…

• I don’t have time.

• I have more important things to do.

• My kids need time.

• Next month after I finish this project.

• Maybe for my birthday…

• Etc, etc, etc.

It’s so simple to get caught in the day-to-day basis that it becomes easier to take the perfect/wrong excuse to avoid a self-pampering time until you notice the turned out and you desperately need a time out!


How did all this happen? You have to realize that whatever happens in your environment is a resonance of ourselves, so do not surprise if your creativity or regularly initiative is not flowing as it usually does.

Stop being so overwhelmed and create that pause, a space within to let all the goodness of life, the calm, the tranquility, the silence in your mind, to admire, to enjoy, to think positively and creatively.

How about an unforgettable holiday experience?

Everyone knows the healing power of a proper vacation. It provides the perfect frame to pamper yourself, with a time to relax, walk by the pristine beach, enjoy the sound of the waves, admiring the blue of our skies, a beautiful sunset. The whole indulgent moment.
Want to set the bar high? Let’s add an amazing tasteful dinner and the best of all… A MIILE SPA EXPERIENCE.

Aqua Wellness_O4A8563-LR

The Miilé Spa Experience will take you through a journey of bliss, healing waters, feeling your body and heart pulsing with life while cascades, steam, and water elements become your company for a complete indulging and relaxing experience added up with botanicals and essential oils.

It is just nature bonding with a deeper you, bringing yourself at a slower and calmer pace, while native loving hands melt your tension, the mental noise, and induce your soul to a peaceful place where love and balance resides.


It is not just a little gift, giving time for yourself is the most important action to create happiness and wellness in your life.

So, now that you know how easy is to pamper yourself, let’s talk about when will we meet you… 😉


Best regards,

Leticia Calvo

Miilé Spa Director


About Excellence Group

Excellence Group Luxury Hotels & Resorts is a resort group specialized in hotel management. The company’s product lines are: Excellence Resorts, All Inclusive Luxury, Adults-Only Resorts; Beloved Hotels, All Inclusive Luxury, Boutique Style Hotels and Finest Resorts, All Inclusive Luxury Resorts that accommodate guests of all ages.
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