Mexico and its multicultural heritage

What makes THIS country a favorite destination among travelers?

We could think of its natural beauty, diverse landscapes, their internationally renowned gastronomy,  its colorful cultural celebrations, and unforgettable friendly people.


Mexico has a vast range of particular traditions, and their most resemblance and close to the heart has to be The Day of Dead or “Día de Muertos,” a holiday to remember the loved ones who have gone earlier.


Celebrated throughout Mexico during the 1st and 2nd of November, this holiday emphasizes remembrance of past lives of the continuity of life through a very colorful ‘ofrenda’ or altar as the most representative symbol of the holiday; each of its elements contains its history, tradition, poetry and, most of all, mysticism.


Every level in the ‘ofrenda’ has a meaningful place in this colorful altar. For example, the water is offered to the thirsty souls for their long journey and to strengthen their return.

The candles on it mean “light,” faith and hope as the guide for the souls to reach their old homes and the light they will use to return to their abode.


The flowers will aromatize the place and guide the souls to their homes, the distinctive cempasúchil and ‘nube’ flower make their place on the altar as their color means purity and tenderness.

The Aztecs culture believed that the cempasúchil was a healing plant, but now it serves to embellish the altars and tombs of the deceased.


Personalization is what makes the ‘ofrenda’ the tease for the souls, so each family makes sure to collect as many symbols and preferred goodies for the ‘dead visitors’ like portraits, mirrors, tequila shots, cigarettes, favorite food, music, and all kind of relations to interact with the forever missed.

Think of it as a beautiful and meaningful scenario where dead and living ones coexist in an exceptional night with a nice drink, meal, music and beautiful memories filled with love and engaging relationships through generations.


Is there a tradition close to your heart as symbolic as Día de Muertos? We’d love to hear from it!


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